Hoof Wings

Hoofwing hoof boots are available in many different sizes and shapes. For use on horses while their hooves transition from being shod to barefoot. Especially designed for relief from laminitis and navicular conditions or whenever your horse needs extra protection. Hoofwings provide comfort, are light weight and are very easy to use. Ideal for the naturally kept horse whilst riding on stony tracks or gravel.

Hoofwings enable horses to be barefoot. They offer more hoof protection than horseshoes with full pads and have the advantage of being removable. Use them for pleasure riding and endurance riding over rocky terrain, or for carriage driving to prevent stone bruises and excessive wear. They offer better traction and shock absorption than typical horseshoes. Because they are removable, you won't have thrush build up as you would with shoes with full pads. They eliminate hoof walls breaking out and cracking around horseshoe nail holes. They are better for hooves because they allow greater heel expansion on weight-bearing. They offer horses suffering from laminitis and founder more hoof protection and comfort, especially if there is sole penetration.